Sunday, 22 May 2016

Aurélie Fontan

Aurélie Fontan's second-year fashion project for 'Diversity' at the ECA fashion show, modeled by Samuel J H Froggatt.
"My garment emerged from the Diversity Network project that The Edinburgh College of Art initiates every year in collaboration with "All walks beyond the catwalk". The purpose was to consider my practice as a designer applying my designs across a range of silhouettes / people/ morphology." 
Aurélie chose to tackle, within a panel of diverse people, the theme of masculinity in fashion, which she perceived  to be pulled to two extremes; either very feminine (transgender wave) or very masculine (stereotypes conveyed through media) .
"I was really interested in Sam, he is an art student who equally dresses with womenswear and menswear.  I researched gender in fashion and media and     specifically gender fluidity."
Aurélie through research came up with the concept of Sam not having to have the dilemma of choosing between masculinity and femininity but being able to accommodate both in one garment. A garment that celebrated a more sensitive masculinity and that is able to empower men who feel their body or personality
is not represented by contemporary society.
"As part of this project I had to include a 3D typography on the garment as a statement to reinforce my concept - the word Alpha is suggesting another word -"male"- to convey a strong contrast that is stated as an ironical criticism of society's expectations about masculinity." Aurélie Fontan

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