Tuesday 28 February 2023

Diedrick Brackens


Diedrick Brackens is using tapestry for his artistic language, elevating this painstaking medium, weaving time and place together, the threads of our world.

 ‘Cotton is the primary material because it is a very easy material to manipulate, it takes color beautifully and its historical significance in the U.S. relative to enslavement, violence and subjugation has had lasting effects on black bodies,’ he says. ‘I think of the process of hand weaving cotton as a small way to pay tribute to those who came before me and worked with the material under very different circumstances.’ Diedrick Brackens

Friday 24 February 2023

Izumi Benitani II.

There is something magical and soulful about what I am going to call talisman clothes, slow fashion, items hand stitched with time and love. This is what the work of Japanese textile artist Izumi Benitani  embodies in her creations for me. It is beauty but it is also a story and so much more than plastic mass produced clothing that diminishes us our soul and our planet.  

Maybe it seems to rich to 'hippy' but in a life style where less is more this is like wearing the book of your life, wearing your soul on your sleeve.