Wednesday 29 June 2016

Niamh Brannan

Niamh Branna has just graduated from GSA in Textiles with an eclectic weave of textures and clashing colours clamoring for attention in her portfolio.
Sensory stimulation is the fundamental experience within my final collection. Sampling and exploration thrives to capture the essence of a fun and bright sensory overload for individuals enriched with interactive qualities encouraging an experience between the textile and the individual. Public engagement through my collection shall focus on visual impact, touch, sound and material exploration. Sampling includes a range of yarns as well as wire, plastics, sponge and feather. The infusion of traditional techniques and unusual materials has created striking and playful samples each with their own individual personalities and specific qualities. Niamh Brannan

Monday 27 June 2016

Merissa Lapsley

Merissa Lapsley's textiles, contrasted soft flexible fabric with hard unyielding industrial materials of paint and plaster, as well as using unusual 'fabrics' in her graduate collection 'Interaction' great possibilities in these works for diverse and interesting interior textiles.

Thursday 23 June 2016

Noor-e-sehar Sajjad


"A keen interest in culture, tradition and individuals has influenced me to explore the theme of patterns of culture and memories which includes the research of family, tradition, drama and the recreation of my own characters inspired by my multicultural background and personal memories.The final collection of embroidered and embellished textiles for fashion explores simplicity and intricacy through layers of pattern and texture. The textiles are informed by the use of unique handmade embellishments, ribbon work and traditional embroidery techniques which successfully translate the rich, layered and patterned qualities of the research and drawing.The designs explore different generations and portray a more sophisticated and diverse approach to menswear, womenswear and childrenswear  inspired by traditional looks from Pakistan and India." Noor-e-sehar Sajjad

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Alice Pinchbeck

Alice Pinchbeck has just graduated from Glasgow School of Art. Alice's collection had hints of  surrealism (reminding me of some of Joan Miro's more graphic style work) and 1930/40's style whilst being incredibly modern and minimalistic, with beautiful structural thick wool and plywood details.

Above: Joan Miro 1936 From earth to Sky.

Monday 20 June 2016

Laura Rose Moran-Morris II

'Dóchas, 'The Morrigan and Tualtha' A fairytale from future earth, inspired by Irish Mythology. Tuathla, the Demi Goddess overcomes obstacles battling The War Goddess The Morrigan, in a love story crossing parallel universes. This magical fantasy world is brought to life in an immersive, outdoor promenade experience.' Laura Rose Moran-Morris   
Laura's winged costumes had elements of puppetry, for the manipulation of the wings. Both costumes were incredibly intricate and beautiful with fantastic attention to detail.
"The War Goddess is a deadly and seductive in her leather corset and laser cut feathered wings. Tauthla's magical bones shimmer and under a knotted molded leather bodice piece. A warrior deeply connected to nature, her head dress represents  this with resin cast horns and preserved flowers." Laura Rose Moran-Morris

Saturday 18 June 2016

Lily Bailie

Above: Photo: Laurence Winram

This is Lily Bailie's opulent menacing costume representing the twisted relationship between religion and violence in Northern Ireland. Golden vestments printed with the paraphernalia of church and terrorist, entwined in beguiling patterns, a soup of misused wealth and power encrusted with golden soldiers.
This is a terrifying costume full of accepted tradition and belief, with sinister almost invisible undertones of terror and war.

Thursday 16 June 2016

Fern Slater-Walters

Fern Slater-Walters has just graduated in textile design from DCA, her intricate sculptural textural designs were akin to origami and created fascinating tactile surfaces.
"The Great Divider project is a range of textile installations designed to enhance the work environment. The project is separated into two different collections. The first range includes handmade felt, to white washed balsa wood. Each individual design is made with texture and light in mind. All pieces let through light and in doing so bring a whole new dimension to not only themselves but the office space. The second collection is a set of wall tiles made from ink dyed balsa wood which have been sanded back and varnished, to create an inspiring display. All of these designs have been made to bring creativity and productivity into the office environment." Fern Slater-Walters

Wednesday 15 June 2016

Renee Verhoeven

The Anatomy Of The Hand from Renee Verhoeven on Vimeo.

“Products generally are constructed in layers, each having its own function. These functions are quite often made invisible by techniques that are applied on a microscopic scale. As a result the products’skin, its outer layer, is unable to express what’s going on inside.This obvious disconnection or lack of communication motivated me to experiment with the relation between function and materialization. For my collection of gloves I translated the anatomy of the hand into material. In my wires I visualized the mobility and dynamics of energy transmission.” Renee Verhoeven

Tuesday 14 June 2016

Eilidh Bass

Above: Photo: Laurence Winram
Eilidh Bass created two amazingly crazy costumes for 'The Magic Roundabout', as her graduation project for performance costume at ECA,  with Florence's dress featuring a mechanical revolving roundabout.

Above: details from Florence's costume, Below: Dougal. 

"I visited The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum in Coventry to see an exhibition entitled; 'The Story of Children's Television'. I was inspired to highlight the variety of design seen thoughout this genre. I wanted to recreate a bygone era. This interpretation also aims to allow both children and adults to recognise the importance of the development of children's television in our expanding multi media society. Finishing with a sprinkling of magic from Zebedee, all that is left to say is, 'Time for bed'." Eilidh Bass

Monday 13 June 2016

Benjamin Shine

Benjamin Shine draws by layering, pleated and scrunching tulle fixing it with an iron, creating amazing portraits, whilst also developing product and fashion design.

Sunday 12 June 2016

Jason Hall

Jason Hall and his team work annually at the ECA fashion show working with the performance costume students to create hair worthy of their costume creations. While Rachel Gallagher and her team create the makeup. They are all fabulous, fun, creatives that bring a great atmosphere and joy to the preparation behind the shows.This is Jason's new Techno Colour Campaign.
"For this collection, we came up with the idea of creating an avant-garde shoot without the focus being on the aesthetics of the hair. A lot of the inspiration for the hair came from the things I've seen working on fashion shows all year. We intend to cover a spectrum of colours that all symbolize something to us. We chose red first as to us it symbolized strength. " Jason Hall Hairdressing 
Photography is by Lee Howell which won the gold award at BIPP National Awards this Februarywhilst the makeup is by Rachel Gallagher.