Tuesday 31 December 2013

Ieva Uzkurataite

These garments are from the collection Birdy by Lithuanian fashion designer Ieva Uzkurataite.
"I really do like embroidery and detailing so I pay lots of attention to this. I spent three months embroidering a corset for one dress. it was a real challenge for my patience. Typically I spent 1-2 weeks on each full outfit." Ieva Uzkurataite.

Monday 30 December 2013

Alfhild Sarah Külper

Alfhild Sarah Külper's graduate collection of 2011 featured the garments with beautiful faces created by layering tulle to build up the tone of the images.

Sunday 29 December 2013

Danica Pistekova

Duvet days are upon us, the lost days between the old and the new year, and so it is the perfect time to share the work of Danica Pistekova a cocoon of quilts for people who want to have portable duvet day's.
Danica Pistekova is an architecture graduate who made these complex adaptable garments for two as a synthesis of clothing and shelter. "The project is something in between fashion and architecture, small and big, private and public, intuitive and logical." Danica Pistekova

Friday 27 December 2013


I wanted to continue with the techniques I explored in the recycled textile jewelry and found a request for submissions by Fiber Art Now with the theme of 'Wild'.
The wildest thing I could think of was bearded ladies. It has been a crazy schedule, giving me just three weeks since returning from Spain, and this included Christmas, so I am pleased to have produced some work in time.
Though the deadline is on Tuesday I still feel I have a long way to go with this theme.

Monday 23 December 2013

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!
I hope that you all have a lovely time with friends and loved ones.
I am taking a break now for a few days to enjoy some time off.
Love and Best Wishes

Thursday 19 December 2013

Robin Lasser and Adrienne Pao I

Greenhouse dress by Robin Lasser and Adrienne Pao from a whole series of amazing dress that work as environments, architecture and costume and are presented as performance, photography and installation.  The idea stemmed from the thought “What if you could wear your own home?” and continues to grow as more snatches of conversations and ideas lend themselves to this theme.

Elvita Brazdylytė

Elvita Brazdylytė amazingly simple but startling costume using great lengths of plastic from the head to the lighting rig of the stage.

Wednesday 18 December 2013

Alet Pilon I

Alet Pilon's coats (2002) are terrifying half beast half man forms, insect like, threatening, surreal and amazing.
"My work is about people. My objects are about animals. My images are about power. Actually, everything about impotence. "
Alet Pilon was the head of the fashion department of the Rietveld Academy. "Feel the freedom and go look where you need it in terms of technology," was her motto. She taught her students also associative thinking: "Do not stop at one idea, but go on with it." That resulted in an individual way of teaching. On leaving she gave visiting lectures l at colleges around the world, but mainly she at last gave herself the freedom to apply herself to her own work

Tuesday 17 December 2013


From the series Planet Aria by Pyuupiru a contemporary Japanese artist who explores identity through transformative costume, body paint and other forms of body manipulation. Pyuupiru's works are unsettling, disturbing, challenging and amazing, the work of an incredibly talented person struggling with their own identity and in doing so questioning everyone's sense of self, beauty and persona.

Monday 16 December 2013

Monsieur Culbuto

This costume is just amazing I love it, it must be so difficult to perform in, but what a spectacle. This is Monsieur Culbuto of Theatre De Rue Dynamogène.

Sunday 15 December 2013

Diana Bobina

Diana Bobina modeling her costume made for Romanian contemporary dancer Paul Dunca. I love the way this piece changes shape in the wind going from clinging to voluminous. Diana Bobina is a fashion designer who graduated from the National University of Arts Bucharest Romania.

Saturday 14 December 2013

Vega Zaishi Wang

Vega Zaishi Wang used electroluminescent (EL) technology for her graduation show in 2008 inspired by bio luminecence. This collection Alpha Lyrae 2012, pictured was inspired by astrological constellations and the complicated and random structure of the universe.

Friday 13 December 2013

Franck Sorbier

Franck Sorbier collaborated with Intel to create a unique couture show for winter 2012/13 featuring stunning images projected onto the canvas of a white ball gown. I love the transformative opportunities that this technique affords.

Franck Sorbier Couture Fall/Winter 2012/13 - Projection Art in Paris

Thursday 12 December 2013

Klara Kalicz II

Klara Kalicz's Angel Machine a range of costume made using the skills of animatronics experts to make costume that transforms itself at the push of a button completely changing the silhouette, creating animated garments with startling drama.

Wednesday 11 December 2013

Klara Kalicz I

Klara Kalicz's SS2014 collection features metallic embellishments on simple dress forms. Jewel like reflective shapes, sometimes arranged like traditional necklaces but mostly resembling scales, spines or bones.

Tuesday 10 December 2013

Malaga Fashion Show II

A fashion show is always a fusion of so many talents. Here is some of the wonderful hair and beauty created by students of IES El Palo Malaga for the "Look'n Green Fashion Show" at the Edgar Neville Theatre, Malaga. Their theme for the show was the sun and the clothes constructed of recycled materials.

Sunday 8 December 2013

Malaga Fashion Show I

It has been a very busy week for me so I am sorry about the lack of posts.
I have been away with colleagues and students from Fife College to put on a fashion Show as part of the Leonardo Project; Innovation and Sustainability in Creative Industries.
The motivation behind the show was sustainability, with the focus being organic hair, make-up and clothing and Scotland's theme was water.
The show; "Look'n Green" at the Edgar Neville Theatre, Malagawas organised in Malaga by IES El Palo, and it was a spectacular event involving students and staff from Malaga, Scotland, Denmark, Malta and Holland.
These are some photographs of Scotland's contributions, the dresses were made using a zero waste cutting method pioneered by Julian Roberts and the jewelry as already featured on this blog was made from calico scraps, created from toile production in the fashion department. All were hand dyed using organic indigo. The hair and beauty was the work students and staff from the hair and beauty department.
It was great to see all that preparation and creativity come together so beautifully.

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Mark Goldenbird

Mark Goldenbird's webbed almost woven designs for basket like cages around the body. These are from his collection broken wings.

"My research on birds and their flight process, introduced me to the work of Russian sculptor, Naum Gabo." 
"Naum Gabo’s sculptures captured my attention with their calm charisma and exquisite resemblance to the bone structure of a bird’s wing. His perception of space, time and movement has the power to liberate the soul of the viewer, and that was my vision for my own work.." Mark Goldenbird