Friday 31 July 2015

Danit Peleg

Danit Peleg is a recent graduate of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Israel has taken the bold step of  launching a 3D printed collection. At first she struggled because the printing material was so inflexible, but then was introduced to FilaFlex, a new kind strong flexible printable filament. This is the first full collection designed to be produced on home printers in a move to make home printing of clothing more accessible and viable.
Predicting future developments Danit suggests that fashion could become more like music in its accessibility; "Customers could download the patterns, just like music files, and print them.” Danit Peleg

Monday 13 July 2015

Iwajla Klinek

Berlin based photographer Iwajla Klinek has been documenting children in the villages of Lausitz, The Black Forest and Romania wearing traditional costumes. This project Crowns and Gladioli explores the ritual of costume and how it exists and is re interpreted for out times in specialist fencing and boxing clothes. These clothes and roles are placed on children by adults in rituals and ceremonies denoting their coming of age and the transition into adulthood.
"Klinke never grasps for universality in her images; in fact, she is fascinated by the ways that humans grasp for universal meaning by entrenching their lives in the symbolic. It is a fascination we can’t help but share, communicated as it is through one of the most strikingly original voices to appear on the scene of photography for some time." Travis Jepssen
Thank you

Saturday 4 July 2015

Yuri Pardi

Yuri Pardi's incredible, monumental dress forms are like sculptures, architecture, or landforms I love them! Yuri has just graduated from the University of East London, his graduate collection 'Monument' is constructed from grey wool with foam inserts to create the geometric protrusions. These dress forms are incredibly minimalistic in their calm grey frontal presentation, but the voluminous forms and silhouettes that they present from the dorsal or rear have  extraordinary drama and impact.
"I designed garments that morph from the shapes of the body into 'pure' geometrical shapes,
I wanted to create a collection that could show that reduction and Minimalism are far from boring, and can be just as powerful as other visualities without being as loud."
Yuri Pardi

Friday 3 July 2015

James Merry

Yesterday I found James Merry's embroidered mask for Bjork that complimented Nikoline Liv Andersen's dress design and completed Bjork's Vulnicura Dress for the Governors Ball Festival in New York that took place in June 2015.
Today I found that James Merry had also been involved in 'family' the moving album cover a collaborative piece by Björk and Andrew Thomas Huang, James made the exquisite embroidered head piece for this film from latex.

Thursday 2 July 2015

Nikoline Liv Andersen II

A melting pot of creativity Nikoline Liv Andersen's styling and concepts are amazing.
Drawing on historical and modern fashions and mixing everything up; colours, styles, textures and fabrics into fantastical costume creations.
These images are the designs and realisation for Bjork's Vulnicura Dress for the Governors Ball Festival in New York that took place in June 2015.

The Björk 'Vulnicura Tour' dress by Nikoline Liv Andersen was constructed from small pieces of recycled fur cut out from a classical Saga Furs coat and decorated with printed metal foil creating a shimmering effect like plumage or butterfly wings.

The exquisite embroidered headpiece is by James Merry

Wednesday 1 July 2015

David Ferreira

I love the voluminous shapes, spaces and textures in the work of Portuguese designer David Ferreira a recent graduate from Westminster University.
David has had the benefit of a program at Westminster that allows the students to flow between the gendered disciplines of womanswear and menswear and between different textile specialisms like print and knit, enabling him to form new ideas and perspectives in his chosen specialism.
He has also had the experience of working for Iris Van Herpen, Giles Deacon and Meadham Kirchhoff gaining innovative working practice, techniques and craftsmanship.
One of David's ambitions has been to release women from their natural shape and silhouette creating new dynamic forms for them to inhabit.