Wednesday, 30 April 2014

ECA Fashion Show 2014: The Dutchess of Malfi

Third year performance costume students were asked to design a costume in a limited palette of black and white for the character the Dutchess of Malfi. Each student had to represent a different era between 1570- 1950. Students involved were; Georgia Allan, Emily Bates, Julia Black, Molly MacDonell Finlayson, Amelie Fuerst, Izzy Gibbs, Tilly Jones, Laura Mills-Whittaker, Holly Prescott, Jenni Thomson, Eleanor Van Riel, Imogen Woolley. The image above is of Holly Prescott's costume.

Andreea Mandrescu

Andrea Mandrescu has been exploring raised textiles that are almost like tribal scarification. Inspired by skin her fabrics are like an extra layer of skin worn as garments or glued on as jewelry.

“Inlaid Fantasies” came about mainly from reinventing marquetry and inlay crafts, but my idea, before hence, was to create an “inlaid skin”, “inlaid body”. This idea had an impact in the kind of materials that I used, different kinds of rubber, that some, like silicone can easily mimic the real skin."
"Another project of mine entitled “Tattoografts”, was a conceptual three dimensional skin graft tattoo that can be overlaid onto the skin."
Andreea Mandrescu

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

ECA Fashion Show: Louise Bell

Louise Bell's graduate collection for ECA featured a hot palette of pinks, oranges and reds scattered throughout the outfits with layering.

Monday, 28 April 2014

ECA Fashion Show: Briony Campbell-Ross

Modern history; Briony Campbell-Ross's collection at the ECA fashion show had elements that made it resemble historical costume, for example the use of gold and brocade. However the emphasis was modern, with it's translucent layering and cutting making the focus the chest area.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

ECA Fashion Show: Kirsty Frew


Kirsty Frew's collection from The ECA Graduate Fashion Show had sea anemone like structures and reminded me of coral beds at night with its wonderful intricate and delicate use of fabrics and adornment.

Friday, 25 April 2014

ECA Fashion Show: Identity is Outmoded

" We are deconstructing identity and challenging preconceived notions of gender, beauty and race. our collection is a criticism of designers who conform to one ideal and who don't recognise individuality.the final designs express our individual explorations into aspects of identity and diversity.'
This collection was designed by Alice Firman, Auguste Greiciute, Holly Lord, Lyndsay Welch, Alex Irons-Young and was displayed as part of the ECA fashion show 2014.
I liked the bold colours and geometry as well as the interplay of different fabrics and the use of pleats in this collection. It reminded me of the work of Russian designer Lyubov Popova and Varvara Stepanova.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

ECA Fashion Show: 3rd Year Costume for Dance

This is my first post in a series about ECA fashion show, which I attended last night.The third year students have been working on costumes for dance, inspired by Louise Bourgeois and in particular an exhibition of her work at the Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh.
The costume students collaborated with Dance students for Edinburgh College and devised performance pieces. The costumes pictured are by Holly Prescott and Jenni Thomson.
It was great to see the wonderful costumes that had been designed come to life with such creative expression a wonderful example of how collaboration between different areas of study can be really enhancing to a project.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Tsumori-Chisato I

There is a wonderful graphic quality to these pre-fall 2014 designs by designer Tsumori Chisato, with elements of focus and bold colour mixed with great texture and line. Inspired by the roof tops of Prague, Tsumori Chisato loves to travel and is a great collector of inspiration form all of her adventures.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Tighter Than Tights GIF with Ortonandon

Yesterday I attended with my daughter a workshop by the fantastic Orton sisters Katie, Sophie and Anna, who make up 'Ortonandon'. The workshop was the closing event at an exhibition called 'Dance like nobody’s watching or Dance like you’re not dancing' at the Gallery/ studio space Rhubaba in Edinburgh. 
It is amazing how a simple garment such as tights can be so transformative not only in the way you look, but how you move and think.
In sharing tights to create a new entity, the collaboration, choreography and symbiosis of ideas is crucial. As you can see from the photographs it is 'serious' fun and the possibilities this simple idea has, for performance, costume and dance are infinite.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Bianca Vannucci

The graduate collection of Bianca Vannucci used layered multi coloured voiles creating incredible iridescence and wonderful multiple layered silhouette. Bianca currently works at the University from which she graduated, Polimoda in Florence. 

Friday, 18 April 2014

Ban Xiao Xue I

Ban Xiao Xue's work has wonderful texture and form inspired by nature and using natural materials such as wool for which he was awarded the prestigious International Woolmark Prize. in 2012 he launched his self titled label.

"Let's forget about fashion design for a moment and go back to the basics of nature. Nothing bears more beauty than the most common things one can find in great Mother Nature: the flowing springs, the blooming flowers, the sunshine, the soil, the air, the sky… All we need to do is to see and listen. Mother Nature has given us the most beautiful clothes: They have feelings, they bear memories, they are so simple but also so magic. Let them flow naturally through people’s bodies, let them integrate with the trees and grass, let them take the textures of the mountains and rivers, and let them reconcile in the utmost harmony. Everything begins with the divine nature, with a life that goes into eternity." Ban Xiao Xue

"I became a little nervous when I was awarded the Woolmark Prize, as it means that I will represent China in the global final which brings pressure but also great motivation. My winning design was inspired by my respect for nature. Nature provides all the beauty to us, and I’m just using my eyes to discover them and put them together. Winning the Regional Woolmark Prize makes me even more determined to work as a successful designer, and to create more exceptional designs as a return to the external support I have received from Woolmark, Vogue China and all those who have supported me in this process." Ban Xiao Xue 

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Studio Toogood

Studio Toogood at Salone del Mobile, Milan Fair of 2012 produced a performance in collaboration with Kite and Laslett and  Arabeschi di Latte, where visitors were presented with a ball of clay to shape and mold, to create a 'cure' which then became part of the installation. Each of the protagonists in this collaboration do very interesting work in design be it with food, furniture or architecture and all of the boundaries were blurred into a beautiful creative soup.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Stephanie Baechler II

Stephanie Baechler's graduation project was called the 'Poetry of Hardwear' taking elements of hardwear and using them as the basis for design and extending this into the practicality of modern clothing and the development of intelligent technologically functioning clothing. 

Saturday, 12 April 2014


ISLA is a label by Olga Kozina, based in Moscow, Russia. Olga Kozina studied at British Higher School of Art and Design, Fashion Design Course and graduated in 2013 with diploma collection “The Great Utopia”.
This is her collection Embers a beautiful collection inspired by peasant work wear.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Frau Berg

Frau Berg was founded by Olga Berg in 2007, the label makes couture bone lace accessories, fashion details and jewelry.
"This is the most time-consuming, the most ancient way of handmade, which originated in Russia in the twelfth century. This is a living tradition that has great potential and the ability to upgrade. Once I wanted to rethink the world and create a new reality.Owning basis Crafts, I started subtly incorporate this tradition in modern art design. Particular attention is paid to the study of ornament, as it is an important spiritual - material sign. Ornamental art is very plastic and can easily be transformed, and the form of decor can exist as an independent work. All this set of knowledge, skills and experiments gave me a certain sense of readiness to establish a full-fledged independent designer brand. -" Olga Berg