Saturday, 30 January 2016

Cyrus Kabiru

Cyrus Kabiru is a self-taught Kenyan artist who assembles glasses from found objects. His work traverses costume, performance, fashion sculpture and painting.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Chinami Mori

Chinami Mori weaves using a freestyle Japanese weaving technique known as Saori. Chinami’s 93-year-old grandmother Emiko is often her model, photographed in a burst of colour and their internet fame is spreading. Chinami's weavings alow her to combineamazing colours and textures by using a mixture of colored yarn, string and fabric.
“There are no rules, I can weave as freely and as colorfully as I want.”  Chinami 
Emiko her grandmother spends time at Chinami’s workplace almost every day.
“She’s my favorite person in the whole world,” says Chinami. “I make grandma happy, and that’s just so much fun for me." 

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Matilda Norberg

Matilda Norberg graduated from the RCA last summer with this wonderful collection of Knitwear called; "Earth's Crust / Material Rules" a collection that experimented with innovative knitting techniques combined with bold silhouette and form.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Cirkus Cirkör


Circus artists often strive to make the impossible possible. Is striving for world peace an impossible quest? Can the desire for change create change? Can a worldwide knitting for peace movement make a difference? It is easy to give up when confronted with one's own insignificance in comparison to the world's greatness and complexity. Nevertheless, each movement begins with the individual. In this show, we explore the meaning of our aspiration and we'll find out if it's possible to knit peace. Cirkus Cirkör

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Lisa Smirnova

Lisa Smirnova's collaborative, 'The Artist at Home' collection is a series of garments embellished to look as though they are paint damaged so that the clothes themselves become unique works of art.
"Artist At Home" New collection from Olya Glagoleva's eco-friendly brand GO in collaboration with Lisa Smirnova, a talented artist from Moscow. Artist At Home is a story about the creative process of an artist which has been told through the language of textile. Fabrics used in the collection are cashmere, organic Indian hemp & cotton, 80's denim jeans and vintage towels sourced from London's famous Portobello Road; as well as plaid blankets from Flea markets in Wales. The collection tells the story of a painter whose studio and her home is a single space, where both home and work clothing mix together. The story of the creative process will captivate you and transport you to the artist's parallel reality. Every garment is made only once, each decorated with hand embroidery in the unique style of Lisa Smirnova. The clothes themselves are pieces of art, lovingly created in a process that spans up to 100 hours each. In keeping with the GO tradition, every piece will be packed in a separate box made from recycled wood with detailed information about the item and a small book included with the full story of the creation.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Lola Dupré

Lola Dupré stretches the truth of photography with her surreal distorted collages perfect for fashion editorials like the collaborative editorial with Laetitia Bica for Argentinian magazine DMAG., but also for deliciously wicked political caricature and satire.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Talia Baker

                  Talia Baker from Talia Baker on Vimeo.

In a project 'Les Metissages' that wanted to blur the edges between the disciplines of jewelry and fashion Talia Baker explores textures and structures found in nature through crochet, knit and fabric manipulation.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Lana Alldritt

Inspired by dementia this menswear collection "When am I going home?" by Lana Alldritt, creates a unique menswear collection where the incongruous colours and styling of the clothes attempts to stimulate the experience of a sufferer in this case of Alzheimer's but I think it could be applied to any condition where you are removed from home, loved ones and even yourself by your illness.
This is a  beautiful, lively collection in terms of marks, colours and contrasting pattern with block colour garments.

Friday, 8 January 2016

Will R. Barnes

I have been exploring the digitised images of the New York Public Library thanks to my friend Fiona.
My initial search yielded these fantastic fish costumes of 1910 designed by Will R. Barnes.

Will. R Barnes ( 1851-1939) was an Australian costume designer who emigrated to American the 1890's he was a cartoonist like his father and an accomplished watercolourist.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Sonja Bäumel

Sonja Bäumel's work is a synthesis of art, design, craft, fashion and science.Sonja studied Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Vienna,  a Bachelor in Arts at the University of Arts of Linz, and a Masters in
Conceptual Design in Context from the Design Academy Eindhoven. This project (In)visible Membrane  consists of four separate investigations including this where clothing fibers concentrate themselves on parts of the body that most require warmth.

"The human body does not end at the skin, but invisibly expands into space. The hidden membrane exists between our body and our surroundings. We can enter this invisible micro level with a microscope; we enter and magnify the micro world. What happens if we make the micro world of the human body perceivable? I want to confront people with the fact that our body plays host to countless bacteria and that a balanced perception of the body is closely linked to a balanced perception of the self.My vision is to use the invisible body layer, our individual skin bacteria population’s knowledge, to transform it into a visible, functional and flexibly adapting membrane. I believe that this new clothing on our skin could change our interaction with the environment and have health benefits for humans. The human body does not end at the skin, but is continually, invisibly, expanding into space." Sonja Bäumel