Tuesday 28 March 2023

Tamara Kostianovsky


'Mesmerising flesh', by Tamara Kostianovsky is an abettor of sumptuous fabric carcasses with guts of tropical foliage inhabited by incredible birds. Created from clothing Tamara explains that this medium was affordable to her as a student and the fabric often came from clothing she had accidental shrunk in the wash. The 'carcasses' are suspended and rotate along a runner so they are viewed from all angles and are redolent of a fashion show.  These pieces are rich, sumptuous and equally compelling and horrifying just like real carcasses. 

“I grew up in Argentina during time of dictatorship, so these works for me are made with political intention to denounce the influence of that dictatorship on the female body,”

Sunday 12 March 2023

Scarlett Yang

Scarlett Yang uses algae and silk in bio design and digital fabrication a collaboration with nature, to respect and welcome the organic decaying process to create fashion textiles with a life-cycle. Scarlett's work has been recognized for her contribution to advancing sustainable design technologies and has won the LVMH Green Trail award, The Mills Sustainability award, YouFab Global Creative Award and the Dezeen award.