Wednesday, 7 June 2017


I have been making more whirling dervish skirts, for the first time since working with NC students, this time for an adaptation of Macbeth by director Tina West, and her wonderful students, from Fife College. This adaptation is a contemporary and evocative piece of theatre, which echos internal and external conflict that we see around us in the contemporary political environment, it is a site specific piece that uses audio and powerful physical theatre . The skirts had to be adaptable, reversible and able to be split apart so that they can be used as scenery.

This performance is taking place in Dunfermline Abbey all week with special school performances.


  1. hey, where are the skirts from?

    1. Are you selling them? I'm intrested in buying one

    2. I don't have them any more but they are fairly easy to make. You need a full circle of fabric the radius a little more than the required length. You hem deep approx 6-10 cm's and stuff with rice or dry beanslike aduki beans. The waist attachment must be strong as when you whirl they stay up.