Monday, 20 June 2016

Laura Rose Moran-Morris II

'Dóchas, 'The Morrigan and Tualtha' A fairytale from future earth, inspired by Irish Mythology. Tuathla, the Demi Goddess overcomes obstacles battling The War Goddess The Morrigan, in a love story crossing parallel universes. This magical fantasy world is brought to life in an immersive, outdoor promenade experience.' Laura Rose Moran-Morris   
Laura's winged costumes had elements of puppetry, for the manipulation of the wings. Both costumes were incredibly intricate and beautiful with fantastic attention to detail.
"The War Goddess is a deadly and seductive in her leather corset and laser cut feathered wings. Tauthla's magical bones shimmer and under a knotted molded leather bodice piece. A warrior deeply connected to nature, her head dress represents  this with resin cast horns and preserved flowers." Laura Rose Moran-Morris

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