Thursday, 16 June 2016

Fern Slater-Walters

Fern Slater-Walters has just graduated in textile design from DCA, her intricate sculptural textural designs were akin to origami and created fascinating tactile surfaces.
"The Great Divider project is a range of textile installations designed to enhance the work environment. The project is separated into two different collections. The first range includes handmade felt, to white washed balsa wood. Each individual design is made with texture and light in mind. All pieces let through light and in doing so bring a whole new dimension to not only themselves but the office space. The second collection is a set of wall tiles made from ink dyed balsa wood which have been sanded back and varnished, to create an inspiring display. All of these designs have been made to bring creativity and productivity into the office environment." Fern Slater-Walters

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