Thursday, 21 May 2015

Laura Mills-Whittaker II

 Laura Mills-Whittaker's second graduation collection was based on Dylan Thomas's Under Milk Wood of 1954 and she designed a costume for Miss Price.
"Reading this hilarious play it became apparent to me that Thomas’ small fictional Welsh fishing village is a place entirely consumed in itself. It reminded me of a gossipy 1950’s American suburban neighbourhood where everyone knows everything about everyone else. It was for this reason, as well as wanting to understand the time the play was written a little better, that I decided to set my interpretation in the 50’s."  

"The colour palette comes mainly from impressionist seascapes, but also from my own primary research at Holy Island in Lindisfarne. I thought this would be a good location for a site-specific adaptation of the play, as there’s a causeway that separates the island, creating an isolated place which is perfect for the self-absorbed town of Llareggub. The textiles and prints I created for this project were inspired by the seaside; again communicating this sense that the place where they are is all the characters know, so their clothes begin to reflect their surroundings." 
"Miss Price is an overly pleasant dressmaker and sweetshop-keeper who is sweeter than the things she sells; therefore I made sure she was perfectly pink and frilly! There is also a lot of floral imagery associated with her character, so her skirt is covered in hand-sewn laser cut flowers and corals." Laura Mills-Whittaker

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