Saturday, 8 June 2019

Tyrella Baker-Smith II

The Four Seasons by Tyrella Baker-Smith, with spring above; a flounce and ruffle of bright soft floral prints, and winter below:

   "The skirt corset and undertop were printed using sublimation printing. I found old botanical tree branch drawings on a database given to me by the Edinburgh Botanics. The over cloak (in similar yoke shape to spring to connect these two) is made of hand dyed grey velvet for the yoke. I hand painted linen, and then machine embroidered over the top to create the long birch trees. These were then appliquéd onto black sheer silk organza to create a stark forest effect. The headpiece was made of many different kinds of twigs, and on top on layered fake moss to create the subtle growth and pick out some of the green in the undertop." Tyrella BakerSmith

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