Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Rosa Hackett

Rosa Hackett's degree show at Glasgow School of art had textile characters of nightmares where the wallpaper, tablecloths or duvet covers become people with all of their emotional baggage plain to see in expression, posture, and gesture.

"My work uses soft sculpture to explore the physicality of the human figure, unveiling moments of narrative within the stationary figures that leads to the creation of a pervading atmosphere of the uncanny. Formed of fabric and emerging from panels of the same material on the walls, the work invites the viewer to consider the figures’ relationships to one another as well as our own relationship to their materiality and fabric. Though it is easy to project a personal narrative onto the work’s depicted scenarios, gestures and implied conversations, the compositions’ highly constructed nature serves in distancing the viewer from complete identification. The figures’ appliquéd faces, displayed upon flat two-dimensional planes and exhibiting an array of overdramatized emotions, highlight ideas of performative construction and contrast the sculpted figures, exploring the relationship between flatness and three-dimensionality, and thus asking questions of formal pictorial representation. The anonymity of the sculptures’ generic body forms is conflicted by their physical presence, and thus demand for space, consideration and agency. As I navigate the construction of these works, the surrealist nature of the forms is simultaneously curious and unnerving, the domestic associations of the fabrics allowing a familiarity contrasted by the extended limb pieces and deconstructed bodies. The work thereby asks us to notice not only our own bodily relationships with one other but also our physical relationship to the fabrics and materials we interact with in our everyday lives." Rosa Hackett

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