Thursday, 5 July 2018

Camille Smith

Costumes created by Camille Smith for her degree show at London's Central Saint Martins. This project is called 'Portraits of Panic' and explores the taboo of mental health and how we react to it.

"My final work for the degree show. The work explores the externalisation of emotions associated with mental health and attempts to create a alternative portrait of the human condition. This is just a work for my degree however it is a huge personal achievement that I even got this far and I couldn’t have on my own. It is therefore dedicated three separate ways. To Luke and Jessica who have been a constant source of humour and of light.
To Andrew who’s resilience in the face of death, once again, was a reminder to keep pushing on because good things come.
Finally to Sue who stopped me from ending my own life twice and has reminded me of the reasons to keep living for two years. Sadly many people have walked away during this time, but Sue has been the one constant. I wouldn’t still be here without her.
The work is grounded in shifting the taboo of mental health and how we as humans deal with it. Whether we are experiencing it or not it is an education that we can and need to take something from. I am lucky enough to have had these amazing people to keep me going for the last two years, but everyone who experiences this should! This is only the beginning of The Carnival Collective and I hope to continue challenging and educating people about mental health with it. So look out for them in a field near you (hopefully) sometime soon." Camille Smith

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