Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Becky Hollis

Becky Hollis graduated in 2014 from London School of Fashion and is now studying for a MFA in costume design at Edinburgh College of Art, in these costumes, she explores sleep paralysis.
Sleep Paralysis: A Waking Nightmare, explores its title subject; the nightmarish phenomenon that is sleep paralysis. In an immersive theatre experience, a very select audience will be invited to a house, transporting them back to 1975.
Still very little is known about this worldwide sleep disorder. Sleep Paralysis: A Waking Nightmare is designed to not only frighten willing audience members but to educate them on the effects of suffering from sleep paralysis. Each experience of sleep paralysis differs immensely, and here we take a glimpse at four separate cases.
Sleep Paralysis: A Waking Nightmare plans to open the bedroom door and invite you in.
My design work explored the effects of sleep paralysis. The striped night dress is cast in resin while the wig is laced onto a wire frame. The costume is 'frozen in time', portraying a typical symptom of sleep paralysis; where sufferers feel paralysed in their bed, unable to move their body. 
Becky Hollis

"Many sufferers see a Shadow type figure in the walls. My 'Shadow Man' is made from custom designed wallpaper prints. Each print is pieced together, with some prints 'peeling' like old wallpaper. The 'Shadow Man', eight foot tall, appears from the corners of the room, slowly reaching out of the walls. He holds a puppet version of the sleeper, controlling her during sleep paralysis." Becky Hollis

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