Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Marian Bijlenga

I have been fascinated and inspired by the work of  Dutch artist Marian Bijlenga for sometime.

Marian Bijlenga creates installations and wall sculptures from delicately worked elements of horse hair, viscose, paper, glass and fish scales. She studied at the Rietveld Art Academy in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Her work is like flight maps of birds or organisms under the microscope, detailed, magical and organic.

“I am fascinated by dots, lines and contours, by their rhythmical movements but also by the empty space they confine. Instead of drawing on paper, I draw in space by using textile as a material. I work with thread, fabric and horsehair, materials that are soft, light, flexible and open to endless development. The suppleness of textiles gives me the greatest possible freedom to achieve my goal: the discovery of new forms.

Be guided by what happens around you. Don’t try too hard to direct, plan, master everything. For me, it is more important to be led by what crosses your path, the accidental encounter, things that happen outside yourself. Marian Bijlenga

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