Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Damini Deshwal

"I read a question on Quora, a boy asking the world if it would be okay for him to wear a saree. Afraid if the world would judge him, he continued describing his "imperfect" features: dark skin, spots on face, skinny silhouette, creating a not so  "masculine" body. The simple question gave birth to this project's idea of making garments that would celebrate a man's body the way it is, a human's body the way it is, the acceptance of the inner soul that does not have a gender at all, the curiosities that have no border." Damini Deshwal 
These are silk, linen and jute garments created as gender neutral clothing. It was important to Damini that the fabrics were all natural and that all synthetic man made constituents were removed, like the man made constraints and type casting of gender. Damini is studying Fashion Design at the Pearl Academy of Fashion in Delhi.

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