Sunday 23 April 2017

Nguyen Cong Tri

Nguyen Cong Tri has created a collection celebrating the flower vendors of Saigon, this elegant monochrome collection is punctuated with splashes and textures of blooms and plants, like flowers growing through the cracks in the street.  
“Throughout my collection there are two different design perspectives. The front is a very simple, monochrome color, inspired by the way in which the flower ladies go about earning their living. The back is inspired by the flowers carried on their backs that appear to silently flood the city with oxygen and colour.’’
This collection combines a diverse range of fabrics and textures including cotton, khaki, knitting, and PVC. Monochrome bases are beautifully enhanced by Cong Tri's signature embroidery and techniques, which are offset by the flowers that adorn the back of each design. ‘‘In my humble opinion, fashion doesn’t have to be something steeped in luxury. Rather it needs to be sparked by an inspiring story or the needs of everyday life. Fashion, once worn, should inspire us to shine, to be positive and most of all to be cheerful. EM HOA is an extension of beauty itself. It takes us on a colouful journey and distracts us from the pressures and burdens of modern life.’’ Nguyen Cong Tri

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