Wednesday 1 March 2017

Mariko Kusumoto

There is something magical about translucence, and Mariko Kusumoto's works are magical in that they are almost biological or astronomical. Worlds within worlds, they remind me of minute cellular organisms or planets Added to this the colours of confectionary and the qualities of glass marbles and they have the intrinsic pleasure of childhood discoveries in an extreme manifestation and sophistication of craftsmanship and beauty.
"My recent fabric pieces have developed with much experimentation and demonstrate an evolution from the properties of metal to something completely opposite.  During the experimental process there is sometimes a breathtaking moment; I ‘catch’ those moments and develop ideas from that point.  I like the softness, gentle texture, and atmospheric (e.g., translucent) quality of the fabrics I use.  In all of my work there is always the insistence on skill and craftsmanship." Mariko Kusumoto


  1. WOW! How on earth does she DO that!? Captivating! :)

    1. I wanted to post a video of her process but couldn't find anything, I would love to see these being made.