Friday 27 May 2016

Morag Taylor

This is the work of Textile design graduate Morag Taylor you can catch her work as part of the Duncan and Jordanstone College of Art Degree Show at Dundee until Friday the 29th May. 

"I have been exploring form, movement and colour and how they relate to each other through manipulating materials in different ways. Form. Discovering how the form that the fabric takes can be altered through cutting and layering techniques. Movement. The forms come to life through the way that they are held and stretched evolving from flat two-dimensional pieces into new structures. Colour. Inspired by the surface and reflections on water, dying fabric in subtle gradients and solid colours plays an important role in transforming the pieces. The fabrics are layered to have different colours on each side so that when moved the three-dimensional aspect is emphasised. I have made a collection of fabric samples to be developed into wearable pieces." Morag Taylor
Morag Taylor has been exploring slashed fabrics creating form from sheets of fabric through repeated cuts contorting the fabric into a honeycomb or lace-like form. Her work has been inspired by the undulation of water and light refracted on its surface.

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