Thursday, 26 May 2016

Klara Landin Larsson I

Klara Landin Larsson is currently in the second year of Performance Costume at ECA and this was her fantastic frog costume. I am looking forward to seeing what she creates over the next few years as she progresses through her degree.
"The frog costume is made as a padded body suit. That means, there's one layer of skin tight lycra onto which I have sewn layer upon layer of wadding and foam, (I'd estimate I used about 5 meters of wadding in total). This whole process was very much more like sculpting than tailoring since there was no set way of doing it. The top layer is one layer of disperse dyed mesh on top of another layer of lycra, which was draped on the final wadding shape and then sewn together." Klara Landin Larsson

Klara's model relaxing between shows. 

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