Monday, 13 July 2015

Iwajla Klinek

Berlin based photographer Iwajla Klinek has been documenting children in the villages of Lausitz, The Black Forest and Romania wearing traditional costumes. This project Crowns and Gladioli explores the ritual of costume and how it exists and is re interpreted for out times in specialist fencing and boxing clothes. These clothes and roles are placed on children by adults in rituals and ceremonies denoting their coming of age and the transition into adulthood.
"Klinke never grasps for universality in her images; in fact, she is fascinated by the ways that humans grasp for universal meaning by entrenching their lives in the symbolic. It is a fascination we can’t help but share, communicated as it is through one of the most strikingly original voices to appear on the scene of photography for some time." Travis Jepssen
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