Saturday, 30 May 2015

Emma McCluskey

The botanical drawings of Textile graduate Emma McCluskey were breathtakingly beautiful and her presentation incredibly professional as you can see here in her interiors lookbook Unnatural Botanics.
"Floral imagery has been used throughout textile design and is intrinsic to the imagery of printed textiles. The collection, ‘Unnatural Botanicals’, is my interpretation of floral design. The collection comprises of hand painted motifs that have been developed from drawings of plants found in botanic gardens. These motifs have then been digitally placed into a composition and transformed into patterns through the use of Photoshop. Working with a specific colour palette, the collection incorporates dark muted tones combined with bright accented colours. I want to create a collection that highlights both my unique drawing and design style alongside my competence of digital software in creating a floral collection for the commercial textiles’ market. The collection explores the use of different types of pattern and presents itself on a range of digitally printed interior fabric and wallpaper showing the possible application of the designs for the interiors’ market." Emma McCluskey 

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