Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Tilly Jones II

"I have designed for an immersive theatrical portrayal of Angela Carters Nights at the Circus. Set in the during the 'Golden Age of the Circus’, Carter’s evocative characters provide an elaborate story. Introducing Fevver’s is the winged star and Maestro, exiled to Siberia upon the promise of a music school.
My interpretation conveys distressed costumes while drawing upon elements of magical realism. Embellished textiles recreate the hand crafted feel of circus costumes and enhance authenticity, as if they have been created backstage of a touring circus." Tilly Jones

Tilly had as her model the vivacious Georgia Nobel, a larger than life character to match a larger than life costume. With wings encrusted with Jay wings, feathers and jewels and a peacock feather fringed bodice.

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