Thursday, 16 April 2015

Dress and Emotion

'Dress & Emotion is a research project funded by Parsons The New School for Design that seeks to explore the emotional and sensory act of dressing.  The images presented here aim to investigate themes of body image, identity/self-curation, representation and the messaging of dress:
How do we see ourselves? What comes first? The Body, the image we seek to create or does one create the other? Are we dressing a body Image that is real or imagined? Do we see dress as a uniform, persona, provocation or protection?' 
The first stage of this project funded by Parsons The New School for Design has identified 'Outliers', people whose personal dress has evolved into a distinctive unique symbolism. Each of these individuals curated six looks that reflected their identities.
The project is to make us think about the language of our 'costume' what are we communicating with our clothes and do we achieve this?

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