Saturday, 25 April 2015

Andrew Dhesi

'The Lost Boy' SS 2016 is the graduate collection of Andrew Dhesi who is about to graduate from ECA with a BA hons in Fashion.
Andrews collection involves many layers of intricate laser cut designs on sheer and opaque fabrics, like paper cuts. Andrew's collection including beautiful visors and head pieces in the shape of fish made from clear plastic that resembled ice. Andrew is to continue his studies with an MA in menswear at The Royal College of Art.
"My work is about searching for a sense of belonging. I've always found it hard to feel like I belonged anywhere so found myself interested in the escapism of the fantasies depicted in video games, books and anime. The main idea behind the collection was to try and to take inspiration from this escapism and create a world where I felt I belonged, while knowing it could never really exist. There are suggestions of death and afterlife being where I would feel like I would finally belong as maybe I could finally be part of this fantasy world that is in my head. It's a light take on death with a sense of hopefulness and naivety." Andrew Dhesi 

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