Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Atelier Kikala

Atelier Kikala's 'More is Love', AW 2014-15 collection by Lado Bokuchava has breath taking textile combinations of sheer, net, knit, and wool fabrics whilst being elegant and stunningly original. The textures created are sumptuous, intriguing and beautiful.
"I got interested in learning more about planets, geology and things that at first sight appears dead and soulless. However, they constantly move and change, undergo transformation processes and you can feel that they are alive. Each color and texture in the collection has its own mood and meaning. For example, white is a cosmic color, I associate it with endless space and silence, while black embodies freedom for me."  Lado Bokuchava
This collection has taken earth as its inspiration, incorporating textures and sculptural motifs that reflect the geology. Photography is by Mamuka Kikalishvili Lado's partner.

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