Sunday, 21 June 2015

Abigail Jubb

Tailoring is rational, succinct and considered. a craft controlled by the dimensions and form of the body it clothes. Drape is spontaneous, ruled by instinct and movement. it encompasses the body it possesses amongst swathes and folds, distorting it.Two conflicting aesthetics, mutual only in their clothing of the form are harmonised in the riding habit apron skirt; tailored when the wearer is mounted and a contorted, draped mass of fabric when she is not. Abigail Jubb’s re-contextualization of this complex garment produces a contemporary hybrid of tailoring and its antithesis, drape; asserting their conflict as a conceptual catalyst.a project informed by cultural citations of tailoring and drape alongside exploration of their social and visual narratives, the tensions between the two aesthetics are exploited by Abigail Jubb to formulate the design dialogue presented by Tailoring Versus Drape. Abigail Jubb

Abigail Jubb Graduate Collection | Tailoring vs Drape | 2015 from Sophie Cunningham on Vimeo.

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