Saturday, 20 June 2015

Luis Miguel Sanchez Garzas

Luis Miguel Sanchez Garzas's graduate collection at GSA was a crazy collection that looked as if it had sprung from a man locked naked in a shed, who had crafted his own clothing and accessories from the things he found . . . utterly crazy and with the appeal of a dressing up box to a child.
Everyone wanted to try on the crazy shoes with their platforms formed from scraps of wood.
This collection seemed to encompass lots of religious influences with folk art influences and used unconventional materials to create a unique, interesting and exciting collection.
"Throughout my childhood and adolescence I was often surrounded by my fathers industrial and DIY materials. These materials were extremely inspiring and they still evoke in me an emotional and sentimental bond with my family and roots as a designer, nostalgic feelings that are so powerful that I knew they would keep me more excited than if I were to use traditional fashion fabrics. The use of those unconventional fabrics invites the viewer and myself to rethink functionality and innovation within fashion."   Luis Miguel Sanchez Garzas

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