Monday, 22 June 2015

Kelly McEwen

Kelly McEwen has just graduated from Glasgow school of Art with a collection called 'creatures.'
" 'Creatures' explores using found objects to construct small scale compositions of fictional creatures; giving an identity to otherwise useless objects. These sculptures are carried through colour analysis, drawing and design work, resulting in a completely unique, hand embroidered collection of fabrics intended for fashion or costume use.
Unconventional materials are used throughout, e.g. cork, plastic, copper, sponge and brass. Base fabrics consist of leathers and suedes, providing a luxurious contrast to materials that are used within the embroidery." Kelly McEwen
Kelly's textiles are bristling with spikes and hairs of leather making them very insect like. This collection was awarded The Incorporation of Skinners Prize for Leatherwork 2015.

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