Sunday 3 December 2023

Oliver Church

Oliver Church designs and makes singular garments using vintage woven French fabrics, natural dyes and vintage threads and buttons etc. Inspiring beautiful work, full of humanity and warmth.


Saturday 2 December 2023

Sunday 19 November 2023

Antique Lace


Stunning Antique Italian Burano needle lace featuring Medusa and a goddess with flowers in her hair. Each piece is a little different due to their handmade nature. 

Friday 3 November 2023

The Duster Project


A textile exhibition on the mundane yellow duster. Participants are invited to embroider their domestic experiences, complaints and celebrations onto a yellow duster. Organised by The Duster Lady! Vanessa Marr, this is an open submission that has been running for almost ten years.

Wednesday 25 October 2023

Polly in wonderland


AI now consistently challenges and confuses me, I often love what is created, many projects by Polly make me gasp with joy, some projects could only be realised in virtual reality but some such as this could be made real using make up and printed algae fabrics for the skin. 
What are your thoughts on AI?

Monday 23 October 2023

Club Dell’ Uncinetto


Crochet dance costumes by Club Dell’ Uncinetto an amateur group of women formed during the pandemic, the colours are inspired by Scandinavian colours and traditions. 

"Born as a studio intervention within the Milk Teeth exhibition at the Nitja Senter for samtidskunst “Come Neve” I wanted to translate a personal idea of well-being into dance.
The starting image is a snow falling outside the window when you are a child. The feeling of comfort that comes from the sense of protection and warmth inside, combined with the magic of contemplating the whiteness outside.
Before beginning the work on the bodies in movement, I identified the expressive quality of the creation in the costumes, involving a group of women in the project who gathered in a "Crochet Club" during the pandemic. This ancient art served as an opportunity not only for collaboration, comfort and connection for these women, but also as an opportunity for renaissance after a moment of deep darkness.
Perfectly embodying my sense of well-being. In this uncovering, comforting and confront each other.
I am very fascinated by this art that transforms a thread into a dress, if guided by the right hands.
It is said that crochet was born from the ability and imagination of a woman who, fascinated by the beauty and perfection of the snowflakes, decided to reproduce their wonder with a simple hooked needle and a cotton thread.
So do the dancers, craftsmen themselves; with their bodies and movement give life to something new, creative and original as a snowflake. Something unique and unrepeatable in its spontaneity.
Interweaving these elements and these suggestions, I wants the spectator to be invaded with a sudden snowfall of bodies in movement, causing time to pause in a state of serene contemplation. The idea is to compose as a crochet work: an intricate yet sophisticated plot, a conscious weaving that generates new forms. - Colours are inspired by Scandinavian flags:  and are the three primary colours plus white"  Bolognino Choreographer