Friday, 8 May 2015

Heather Dooley

A very striking result of watching the models wearing Heather Dooley's graduate collection 'La Vie Parisienne' was how happy and comfortably the models were wearing these garments.
Heathers collection is one of luxurie and flounce, feminine soft velvets and voiles, embellished with the opulent trims.
"My collection La Vie Parisienne was inspired by late 19th Century fashion that stemmed from Paris, a time in which women began following fashion and fashion trends religiously,despite garish colour and fabric combinations and ridiculous looking hats with dead animals strewn over them. People could no longer establish a difference between rich women and the garish styles of common prostitutes. Taking a contemporary stance, I wanted to use this idea and tackle the taste overlaps and separations that we see today - being rich does not necessarily mean you have good taste and hopefully my collection asks people to question these differences." Heather Dooley

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