Saturday, 9 May 2015

Fernanda Goodship

This is Fernanda Goodship's graduate collection for ECA. 'Walk of Wonder' is an elegant collection in electric blue featuring flowing frills ruffles and embroidery in satin and chiffon contrasted with sharp suited silhouettes and splashes of red.

                                      Above and below images by Ortar Photography
"The colour palette of the collection is an all blue collection, a range of different shades of blue with a hint of red popping out from different areas of the collection. Rather than the collection having the typical colours of Spain such bright oranges, reds, yellows etc. I wanted to twist the collection by giving it strong electric blues, also creating my own shades of blue through some fabrics. The red gives the collection another dimension and a taste of Spain. The collection has also intricate detailing of embroidery flowing through, which are different sized and styles of roses which I have drawn from my own personal photography research." Fernanda Goodship

Fernanda looked to her family for inspiration, her father, whom she never met was Spanish and this side of her personal history has always intrigued and fascinated her.

“The Walk of Wonder” This title represents how my life could have been if I'd had that side of my family in my life growing up, and how it could have influenced me in some stages of my childhood.The collection is a tailored Autumn/Winter 2016 collection, the collection is sexy, sophisticated with a touch of elegance; with ruffles being a key feature in the collection, I wanted the audience to visualize my hidden side to me that I have been exploring for myself. The collection has key tailored pieces which gives the essence of a strong and powerful woman, which has a connection with my customer.
I was inspired to look at my Spanish heritage for this collection, which has influences of matadors, and flamenco dancers which are elegant, strong and powerful performers." Fernanda Goodship

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