Thursday, 30 April 2015

‎Amelie Fürst II

Amelie Fürst's eccentric Beekeeper;
"An old lady, sitting in the garden, playing chess - reminiscing the past and telling stories about the glory days of a forgotten hotel. Quirky anecdotes about extravagant guests, all with a hint of eccentricity and surrealism."
"My designs to have a sort of romantic sadness inspired by archives, collections and insect formations with a heavy focus on soft and organic breaking down, florals and pastels, layers of decay and embellishment juxtaposing better days and a harsher reality."
"The Beekeeper is more of an embodiment of the story’s atmosphere rather than an individual, participating character. Despite being set in the 1950s, the military aspects of her costume tie in the sinister Second World War component of the setting’s history.
Her jacket was hand-dyed, quilted with cad embroidery, then bleached and broken down." 
"The skirt consists of a metal frame along the top and twenty-one individually laser-cut panels creating a sculptural, honeycomb-like structure. Every layer was carefully dyed, embellished and broken down using bleach, different screen-printing binders, tea, flock and foil, and a variety of ‘aquasuedes’." Amelie Fürst

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