Friday, 1 May 2015

Emily Bates II

"Fuchsia is the sister of Titus, heir of Gormenghast. Adolescent and changeable, she is profoundly affected by the absence of a mother figure and finds herself more and more susceptible to the machinations of Steerpike who woos her in the hope that he can elevate his status." Emily Bates
Looking at fifties youth subcultures I have based her character primarily on teddy girls from this period who also felt alienated from the rest of society, as Fuchsia does with the hierarchy of the castle, and also in having to conform to female stereotypes of perfect beauty. She therefore contrasts with Irma's character, providing a different more androgynous femininity that counteracts everything that Irma strives for. The pixellated print used in the final garment is actually taken from samples made for my second project Dr Faustus; the jacket is screen printed with flock and has a layer of red millinery veiling placed on top and secured with beading." Emily Bates 

Emilie's costume and character design came together beautifully with her model Rachel who mixed in her own 'artful dodger' elements to create a very quirky, brightly coloured thief and mischief maker.

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