Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Amelie Fürst I

 “Three Men in the Snow” These costumes of the hotel staff from 'Comedy of Errors' by Erich Kästner, 1934  are by Amelie Fürst for her final graduation collection.

I was inspired by the beautiful expressionist landscape paintings and strong, saturated colours of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, my designs emphasise the lightness, humour and satirical wit of Kästner’s writing visually enhanced by the floral prints I created from my own photography (see below).

"The almost over the top, pristine staff ensembles reflect the atmosphere of the renowned Grand Hotel Bruckbeuern in the Alps, and combine tailoring of the late 1930s, certain aspects of skiwear and floral embellishments."
"The staff shirts all incorporate individually chosen floral prints that were gradually re-tinted and worked into with different photoshop tools and filters before being digitally printed. The trousers show a variety of floral embellishments that were again inspired by the natural Alpine setting of the story. Rosy memories of a hazy past."  Amelie Fürst
                             (Above): Photograph by Lawrence Winram

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