Thursday, 28 June 2018

Yixin Zhang

Yixin Zhang's surreally sophisticated MA menswear collection for the London School of Fashion consisted of soft pastel colour block wool blazers with wooden hats and ties.
"My whole collection looks very cured – the colour I chose also makes people feel pleasant. I focused on researching the behaviour habits of compulsive hoarders and the relationship between hoarding and their objects for my design. Through exploring compulsive hoarding behavioural habits, I have used my research to influence my menswear pattern cutting and garment colours. I made my design by using the subconsciousness of a hoarder and varies different methods. I created personal pattern blocks constructed with intercross structure and showed it through colour. I used mohair fabrics to show the colour and texture, finding this technique incredibly useful to my design. I also created accessories for the collection. Here I focused on using wooden material in fashion design, exploring the potential of diversity through material." Yixin Zhang

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