Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Minghui Cai

Minghui Cai's 'Creepy Romance'  satin, eyeballs, and roses exquisitely tailored jackets, shorts dresses and trousers, her MA collection of menswear at the London College of Fashion.

There are two main influences on me. On the one hand, my grandfather is a traditional Chinese painter, I feel that keeping a traditional element to my collection is extremely important. on the other hand I was attracted to fairy tales and non-human's fiction since I was a child and most themes of my illustration have shown this influence on me. Minghui Cai

Influenced by romantic novels which were popular when she was a teenager in China, Minghui Cai has developed an imaginary world, of non-humans living among us. A particular story that gripped Minghui's imagination was 'The Legend of the World of Fish Beauty' based on the stories from the Ming Dynasty. This story she developed into her own imaginary world by creating illustrations, gifs, furniture designs and fashion.

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