Monday, 21 May 2018

Lucy Hutchcraft II

This year I modelled at ECA for Lucy Hutchcrafts' Performance costume graduate collection alongside Josh Going as characters from 'Cluedo'.
I was Mrs. Peacock, feathery elegance from the stunning hat down to the toes of the shoes, to match the dapper green, velvet suited Josh Going as Mr Green. 
"These costumes were created for an immersive theatre experience based on the much loved game 'Cluedo' from the 1950's. Staged in a warehouse space with a se designed similar to the board, audiences would be amongst the comedic 'whodunit' action. Was is Mrs Peacock, in the study, with the candlestick? Or Mr Green, in the library, with the revolver?" Lucy Hutchcraft

Mr Greens' costume had incredible details hidden everywhere, clues to be discovered. The lining of the jacket has the Cluedo floor plan printed on it. His tie had details from the floor plan and the cufflinks were made with the tiny weapon place markers from the game, whilst the handkerchief placed the blame on Mrs. Peacock with 'Candlestick' printed clearly for everyone to see. Unfortunately his briefcase reveals his guilt bursting open spilling forth money and the murder weapon for everyone to see. If you missed the performances you can see all off these creations at the ECA degree show from June 2-10 2018 and the work of Josh Going (Mr Green) in the Landscape Architecture display.

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