Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Harriet Ogden I

Harriet Ogden's graduate collection at the ECA performance costume show featured designs for Madam Butterfly. These designs were incredibly elegant, displaying stunning craftsmanship including incredible acoustic handmade porcelain tile beads, that sang in a clear chime as the model moved. The underdress was indigo perfection using techniques of sashiko. Harriet has obviously used this project to learn and master various skills such as Shibori and Sashiko and has gone on a fantastic journey of development culminating in some exquisite work.

"Cultural inaccuracies and stereotypes are commonly associated with portrayals of Puccini's opera and this fuelled my exploration into Japanese culture. Allowing me to interpret the story by adding realism while simultaneously infusing modernity. Research into Japanese 'folk' clothing and it's production methods has instilled my final costume with authenticity." Harriet Ogden

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