Friday, 25 March 2016

Annelies Henny and Hannah Sullivan

With Force and Noise (teaser) from hannah on Vimeo.

The images above are from an embroidered costume created in collaboration between performance artist Hannah Sullivan and costume designer Annelies Henny for a performance called 'With Force and Noise'. Hannah has been researching and exploring the emotion 'anger' and has come to understand it as a combination of biological motivation and a socially complex entity.
Anger is an emotion that is bound up with our perceptions of madness and often dismissed but it is a powerful force, a strong often ugly part of  our humanity, too often neglected, behind more socially palatable emotions like fear and love.
Through working with ideas for the costume Hannah found herself suddenly in a world of craft.

"I was led to a world of craft and textile that opened a whole new angle on the emotion of anger. This angle is that anger motivates us to make something visible or witnessed, a possible route for this is what I am calling radical craft." Hannah Sullivan
                                         Image above:Jack Offord
"Hannah came to me with lots of research around anger and we worked together in the studio translating it into a costume, then Hannah did lots of drawing and I translated that into embroidery... " Annelies Henny

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