Saturday, 16 May 2015

Tilly Jones III

The Maestro (a music teacher) from Angela Carter's Nights at the Circus by Tilly Jones as part of her graduate show for Performance Costume at ECA, with an incredible shimmering sequined beard.
“Hair down to his bum and mixed in with the beard that reached his navel” A sad tale of deception and sorrow, a young man moves to Siberia having been promised his own music school having been given. 
Upon arrival a ramshackle hut and a very small selection of potential students meet him. A cruel sentence for a talented man, unfortunately he rots away for decades until a cast of dysfunctional circus acts bombards his small world. By this time he is wizened and disheveled with his only prize possession being his grand piano but even that is out of tune.  
I have chosen to depict his aging with a veil embellished with a full beard. This also represents his detachment from society as his face is blurred almost out of anonymity." Tilly Jones 

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