Friday, 15 May 2015

Rachael Eustace

                             Above: photograph by Gareth Easton

"My collection was based on a non themed approach- where I was more interesting in my own methods of creating and sketch booking as a means of my Inspiration. 
I looked at the marks left on the paper and personal writing, all simple but personal research themes. I also looked at photography, particularly  photographers such as Irving Penn, August sander, Walker Evans etc- I liked the images of working men- old uniforms and classic menswear and the styling in such images. 

Styling became a main aspect of my collection as I like playing with the classics by layering and wearing it in different ways- rather than creative cutting. 
I like wearable pieces that are practical and desirable." Rachael Eustace

Rachael Eustace's graduate collection 'The Blind Spot' for ECA AW 2016/17 is a collection of thrift, thread. Showing a reverence for the texture and patina on clothes that have had the life of a much loved second skin, loved, worn, damaged and mended.

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