Sunday, 3 June 2018

Michelle McAuley

Michelle McAuley's graduate collection for the ECA fashion show had incredible movement and many tribal qualities, while her textures, silhouettes and colours were visually striking and stimulating.
"My collection stands for electric awakening of traditional craft, using no bought fabric. Everything is handcrafted, woven and knitted by myself. The collection searches for strength, innovation and reinvention to empower women through architectural silhouettes. is titled ‘silueta’. It explores the form of a woman’s body creating sculptural form around the body, made from 1400 meters of rope all individually sewn together which allowed me to sculpt and mould the dress. The undergarments are hand woven from butcher cord, I wanted to create a modern, vivid and unapologetically bold with a mix of sculptural and draped woven cuts." Michelle McAuley

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