Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Megan Brown

Wonderful extruded, knitted textiles by Megan Brown some almost translucent, and many very organic and temptingly tactile.

"I have created a collection of knitted samples that inspire a playful interior environment for kids. This collection is heavily influenced by the concept of sensory play and the developmental benefits it has for young children. The visual research that has informed this project is an amalgamation of interesting textures, compositions and colours that were gathered during a walk outside in a play park. These images have helped to inspire bold constructed textiles that are visually and physically stimulating. Through experimenting with both natural and synthetic materials, I have created unusual knitted textures and 3D forms. In addition to this, research into the different types and methods of play has been conducted and considered in my design work. This has been reflected through the use of zips, pull ties and 3D objects- considering how a child could interact with and manipulate samples. The ultimate aim being, to use interactive design as a tool to create dynamic, playful environments that capture a child’s curiosity to explore, play and learn. " Megan Brown 

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