Monday, 25 June 2018

Lisa van Nuland

Lisa van Nuland's graduate collection at Gray's School of Art called 'Within/Without"

"The dark colours and thick forest slowly become sparser. Showing themselves intermittently before reaching altitude, where patches of moss on rock start to come into view, if you can take your gaze away from the hills surrounding you.This is where the synchronicities of our inner and outer lives really come to their rights; our emotions triggered by things such as colour, and our abstract thoughts taking geometric shapes mimicking the flow and simplicity of nature itself. This is subtly intertwined with the richness you find when you look a little deeper. In my collection I used only sustainably sourced organic wool and linen. The fabric was dyed, folded and needle felted to create the desired effect." Lisa van Nuland

Lisa van Nuland's garments are reminiscent of the times when we lived outdoors and invested heavily in the creation of garments from the locality using skills built over generations. Lisa has a love of Scotland and the environment and this has effected all aspects of her textiles and fashion design.

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