Friday, 1 June 2018

Liberty Bramall II

Above: Liberty Bramall adding the last minute touches to her lampshade hats with real lights inside.

Liberty Bramall created a transformative piece that combined costume and set design to reveal the stories and the faces behind the literature and artwork of the Bloomsbury Group.

"Using textiles to represent a range of styles closely linked to the artwork produced by The Bloomsbury Group. Nude sketches have been transformed into colorful prints whilst hand dyed fabric have a painterly and textural quality to give life to their work through costume. The material is an ode to their lives. The two transforming costumes for Vanessa and Angelica Bell. The hats turn to lampshades, the skirts turn to blankets and the walking stick and bag turn in to the stand for the shade to be placed upon." Liberty Bramall

In this piece hats become lamps, skirts become rugs and everything is beautifully crafted out of gorgeous materials.

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