Friday, 8 June 2018

Kate Macmahon

"My collection is based on the concept of preserving and archiving memories, I drew inspiration from Marie Antoinette and the different perceptions of her throughout history which created the idea that we are remembered by the preserved memory of us, I juxtaposed 18th century dress with utility wear through the buckled fastenings which strap down the back of my dresses. My collection is made from wadding which was ripped, plucked and  flattened and then printed onto, I was very fortunate to be sponsored by Sophie Hallette who provided me with the beautiful French lace which was bonded behind the printed cotton fibres. Photography is another key inspiration for this collection as moments are captured through this medium, The blue prints based on cyanotype and are X-ray florals which were inspired by Marie Antoinette love of flowers. 
The collection explored who Marie Antoinette would be in today’s current society." Kate Macmahon 

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