Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Flint James McDonald

Flint James McDonald's graduate collection at GSA was called; 'Son of a Tinker'.
I love this flamboyant challenging collection, it appealed to my fascination with folk culture, whilst Flint's use of sumptuous fabrics in opulent ruffles with fantastic finishes, utilised designs that held great humour mixed with historic referencing.
The use of cutlery in the headdress and in various accessories was genius, pertinent to the subject, but also adding an element of performance to the collection, with wearers clattering like surreal spoon playing morris dancers.

It was a stunningly conceived, designed and produced collection and I hope that this designer goes far.

"Acknowledging history as an active and abiding presence in the creation of contemporary life has been a recurring theme within my work - looking to antiquated codes of the historical mode and challenging the notion of binaries within sartorial regulation I question how ritualistic rites of passage associated with garment and gender distinctions, and toying with the very nature of their intent could provide an alternative means to socially normative expectations of gendered fashion.
Bettering oneself with delusions of opulence and living out-with one’s own means conjures the image of an individual whose own perceptions of self is duped with thoughts of grandeur.  These garments act as an attempting to emulate by-gone royalty of medieval times by utilising one’s surroundings whether it be the tearing apart of tattered floral upholstery to become a jerkin or the stringing of pre-loved cutlery around one’s head to draw attention to regal status -this collection is dedicated to the dreamer whose deluded proposal for life becomes reality." Flint James McDonald

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